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Monday, 28 March 2011

Book and Music reviews

Just the day today in Skegness to outsidethe beach hut in the spring sunshine and read a book or listen to some music. So for today’s blog I thought I would review the book I’ve just finished reading and two Albums I’ve just downloaded to my Ipod

The book is Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights. I was handed the book in the Hildreds shopping centre as part of The World Book Night’s scheme to circulate freely a million books by 24 chosen authors. I had never read any of Philips books before so I had no idea of what to expect. The story starts in Jordon College, Oxford, but you soon realise that it is not the oxford we know but a similar place in another universe. The main character in the book is a girl called Lyra who as a companion called Pantalaimon who is what she calls her Daemon. All humans in the story have their own daemons. Soon you start out on a Journey to the frozen north to the land of the Northern Lights in search of other children who have been captured by the evil Mrs Coulter. On the way you meet many characters including an armoured bear. You will have gathered by now that this book falls into the category of Fantasy. When I first started it I was comparing it to the Harry Potter stories of which I am a great fan, but as the story unfolds it becomes much darker than the Harry Potter tales. All the while you are intrigued by strange dust and another world beyond the northern lights.  I wasn’t aware that the book had been made into the Film Golden Compass, In my view the book is much deeper than the film and much more enjoyable. The book is part of 'His Dark Materials' trilogy and I am looking forward to reading the second part which explores this other universe. The Idea of handing out these free copies of books is that after they are read they are passed on, so if anyone reading this would like my copy of Northern lights just contact I and I will gladly pass it on.


My taste in music is varied, anything from the Beatles to Take That but I do like the big sound of an orchestra or a brass band, so the two albums I’ve recently purchased are very similar in style.

The first one is Great Movie Themes by Carl Davies conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Carl is an American composer who resides in Britain, and he has composed over 100 themes for Television and most known for his film scores for The French Lieutenants Woman and The Champions. What drew me to this album was the splendid collection of top movie themes such as The Raiders of The lost Ark, The Main title Theme from the Gladiator, The James Bond Theme, Theme from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone and Forest Gump as well as the haunting themes from Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves. The rich sound of the Liverpool Philharmonic is superb which makes this Album a must for anyone who loves Movie themes.

My Second choice I only downloaded this weekend it’s called The Pride of the Nation by the Band of the Coldstream Guards. This Album is a collection of great music to stir the hearts of any true Brits it includes such pieces as the theme from A Bridge too far, Jerusalem with guest singer Alfie Boe and Land of Hope and Glory with the voices of The Fron Male Voice Choir, there are also some excellent Medley’s on the Album including The Pride of British Lions, the tunes associated with the four home nations of the rugby world, Ireland’s call, swing low, pride of Scotland and Cwm Rhonda. There’s also a British classic Radio medley plus Nimrod and the British grenadiers make this a wonderful collection for those that love stirring British music and perhaps idea for background music for any Royal Wedding Street Party.

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