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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Cencus Day 2011

27th March 2011 is the designated day that all householders in Britain are required to fill in their Census Return forms. A census has been carried out in Britain every 10 years since 1801. This came about after a book was published in 1800 which predicted because of the population explosion that within 10 years there would not be enough food to go round and people would starve to death. So it was decided that to meet the needs of a growing population a census would be conducted. The Idea that the census will enable the country to build a better life for everyone are debatable, It can certainly provide the data needed but it will depend on the Government of the day whether the facts are heeded I suppose. The main argument against the Census from the start is that it encroaches on people’s privacy. In the past people were employed has census takers and there job was to call on each household and record the details of all who were residing therein on a given census day, it is reported that one man who was determined not to be interviewed for the census got into a rowing boat and rowed out into the middle of a lake so that no one could get to him on census day.

Some interesting changes can be recorded in the Census for example in 1911 there was around a 100 people living in Britain over the age of a 100yrs old but today there are over 12,000 and in the 2001 census over 390,000 people declared there religion as Jedi Knights.

I have found census return information both fascination and helpful in my research in my family history. Family history is much more than just a set of dates recording birth, Marriage and Death details it is a means of finding out where they live and what they do for a living throughout there lives. For instance in the 1881 census I found my great great Grandfather whose profession was a lace Maker and his wife was listed as a grocer, they ran a small shop in the front room of there house. In another Census I find my great grandmother also in the same house in LE while my great grandfather who was a railwayman is lodging across the street from her. Sometimes it is useful to note who is visiting at the time of a census, for example on one census I notice that the brother of the wife of the householder was staying overnight and that gave me the maiden name of the householder’s wife. I am also doing my wife’s family tree and we were surprised to discover her grandfather at the age of 12 residing in a workhouse. So the information these census returns holds may be as useful to ordinary individuals as much as they are for governments. As you complete your form today just think for a moment that just maybe in 100 years times some future member of your family might be looking at the information you have just given.


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