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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

John Barry 3/11/1933 - 30/1/2011

On 30th January we lost one of the top British composers of the 20th Century. John Barry's father was a projectionist in a cinama at the time of the silent movies and it was here that he realised how important music was to creating mood changes, he noted how the pianist could by changing the tempo of the music build tension or create the perfect setting for a love scene.

I first came in contact with his music in the early 60s, in 1957 he formed a group called the John Barry Seven and used to back pop singers at the time on a tv programme called Drumbeat. It was at this time that he met Adam Faith who had a number top ten hits, John later went on the compose the title music for a film Adam Faith starred in called 'Beat Girl'. He also had a hit with the theme tune of a TV show called Juke Box Jury and the tune was called 'Hit and Miss. But it was the James Bond Theme that was to set him on the road to success. All of the Bond films would start with John Barry's origional theme and I believe was one of reasons for the success of the Bond Film series. He went on to compose many of the hit songs that have accompanied the films, songs like Borm Free, Gold Finger, Diamonds are forever and Thunderball. He also wrote the themes for Zulu, Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves and my particular favourite the theme from Midnight Cowbow with its destinctive and very haunting melody played on the Harmonica. His music will live on for has long has these hit movies are shown on television which I believe will be for many many years to come

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