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Friday, 18 March 2011

My Top Three Nostolgia Websites

Using the web can be fun; it just depends on the web pages that you hit upon. I have chosen three of my favourite nostalgia web sites that are really worth looking at. If you were around during the 50s and 60s these pages bring a lot of memories flooding back but even if you’re much younger they are very good to see how people lived in those days, there also good for research purposes.

Greasy Spoon Café.

Grab a Bacon sandwich and a mug of tea and settle down in this delightful web site laid out in the fashion of a typical transport café or as we called them a greasy spoon Café. Click on the mugs and you will open up all kinds of stuff from the 50s, you can take a trip to the pictures and remember the stars of the big screen and those western hero’s that we loved, or you can recall the golden age of television or check out the fashion and what it was like to be a woman in the 50s or maybe check out how we got about. There is plenty to see and you can get about the site pretty well.


My next choice is Whirligig which is a site dedicated to British TV and Radio in the 50-60s era. The site is split into Adults and children’s viewing with a separate area for the Radio. You’ll find lots of Clips and sound bites on this site to relive all those great shows you enjoyed. Check out the message Board area where people log on to discuss there favourite programme or ask a question on who starred in what was that programme called. You’ll get hours of fun from this site.


My last choice and my particular favourite is PastReunited. You’ll not find a more comprehensive site coving the whole of the 20th century any where else on the web. Ideal for students and great fun if you just enjoy nostalgia. Just scroll down the left hand side of the opening page the list is never ending. Each subject is covered very comprehensively and you’ll find loads of clips to watch I used the site all the while when I need to do any research. The site is very easy to navigate and every subject is well covered.

I hope you enjoy these sites, I certainly do

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  1. Kind words about "pastreunited" thank you, the other two sites are excellent as well, regards Mike.