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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Guy Martin

I've been following 'The Boat that Guy Built' on BBC2 on Wednesday night at 7.30. In it Guy (Lincolnshire born TT racing star) is renovating a canal narrow boat called Reckless and in the process makes items for the boat using traditional technologies and crafts. Guy Martin comes from North Lincolnshire and is known for is Motorcycle racing especially on the Isle of Man TT circuit.
Watching Guy it immediately stuck me that he is a natural for this type of TV presenting is warm personality and is Lincolnshire dialect (hey by heck) plus is real enfusiasm for mechanical engineering reminded me very much of the Late Fred Dibnah.
Fred Dibnah Steeplejack by trade shot to fame through is love of anything mechanical especially steam engines, He became a cult TV Personality through is many TV series he made about is work, great British engineering feats, Great British Buildings or just about is travels around on his beloved Steam Traction Engine. Even after Fred’s Death is DVD box sets are top sellers and unfortunately no one has taken his place until now. Guy if he had a mind to can secure himself a very lucrative career in television, but don't take my word for it watch ' The Boat That Guy Built on BBC2 on Wednesday at 7.30 and if you missed any you can catch them on the BBC I Player now

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