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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Party on the Pier and Community Awards night

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. I spent a good part of the day mixing with the crowds and enjoying the Party on the Pier. To Kick off British Tourist Week all of Britain’s seaside piers were to hold a party to celebrate what is essentially a British sea side tradition. The Skegness Partnership working with the Pier Management to create what was a fun day for all. The kids got to use the Lazar Quest, Bowling and Captain Kids play area FREE all day. There were stalls selling gifts from Gibraltar Point, Natureland seal sanctuary and The Coast Watch group. There was also an exhibition put together by The Skegness Partnership that showing what the pier used to look like and also some ideas of what it could look like in the future if ever the funding was made available. The exhibition was very well designed and created a lot of interest with visitors who all expressed the hope that one day the pier would stretch out into the sea again. The afternoon’s entertainment was provided by the ever popular Skegness Silver Band.

My night was spent in the Embassy Theatre Skegness at the East Lindsey Community Awards presentation night. I was there because I had been short listed for the Volunteer category of the awards for my involvement in the Seas and SO festivals and for my involvement with Coastal Access For All the volunteer group set up to clear sand from our coastal walkways. The Community Awards were sponsored by the East Lindsey District Council and the Target Newspaper group and special guest for the evening was Clare Connor, OBE who had captained England’s World Cup winning women’s cricket team. It was a very uplifting experience for me to be surrounded by so many people both young and old who had achieved so much in there own particular field, from young sportsmen to successful business people. There was 12 categories for awards and each group sat around there own table. I spent a most enjoyable evening with Linda Wilson-Hall who finds time to help run a crafts club and to supporting young people in a Warhammer club as well as being the treasurer of a Residents Association, and the ultimate winner of the category Darren Hobson who is a flood warden and a teacher in Louth and had actively recruited people for the flood warning service, something that is very important for our particular region.

One thing became clear as the winners received their awards and the runners up went on stage to collect there certificates that we were all present in that room winners because all had made a difference to the lives of others in there community. It was good to know that there were  so many working and achieving so much for both themselves and others in the East Lindsey area.


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  2. I do not think you give yourself the credit you deserve, you have done wonders for that stretch of coastline, and I hope I get to meet you in the summer, then I can see all the hard work for myself.

  3. Thanks for the coments Mike. Would be delighted to show you round and I hope you can make it up here this year too

  4. We must make a date I will try to find some free time, if I am at my daughters in Suffolk I will be half way there then, shall call you on Skype ... OK.