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Sunday, 20 March 2011

March 20th 2011 Officially the first day of spring

Stepping out into Skegness this morning there were still reminders that winter had not yet completely left our shores. I still donned my coat and woolly hat and gloves even though the sun was shining but on the ground there were definite signs that spring had arrived with Daffodils along the grass verges and Snow drops around the clock tower. But there was another even stronger feeling about the place, a feeling that here in Skegness the holiday season had started, only at weekends for some but full time for others. There was a curtain buzz about the place this morning that said to me ‘hey its here! It’s started again!  Only people living in coastal areas depending on tourists really notice the change. A kind of awakening from the winter close down, though it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be.

It wasn’t the birds though that disturbed me through breakfast this morning, it was the sound of dogs barking and not just a couple of dogs, no it was much more that that. All was revealed when I stepped onto North parade it was Keith’s Rescue Dogs annual sponsored walk and it seemed like an army of dog lovers and there dogs had gathered outside of the Skegness Nature land seal sanctuary ready for the off on there sponsored walk up the coast.  http://www.keithsrescuedogs.org/. I hope they raise a lot of money for a very popular cause.

By the time we reached the coast it had warmed up considerably and I could see the Skegness Lifeboat just setting off out to sea on its usual Sunday morning practice session.  http://www.skegnesslifeboat.org/  it’s always a privilege to see the Lincolnshire ‘Poacher’ boat out at sea. It was good to note that the Lagoon walk was clear of sand enabling a group to gather and watch the launching of the lifeboat. I travelled along the coast to Sea view walk where a team from the Community Payback people were clearing the walkway of wind blown sand; I stopped to chat to the supervisor for a few moments about future activity along our coast. Our coast looks so much better from a couple of years ago before the Coastal Access For All group stared  I returned along our coast later in the day and by this time things were really looking good. Folks were walking along the pier enjoying the spring sunshine, a family group on the beach were preparing for a game of cricket and the Fair is open.

Despite my age I still can’t resist the pull of the fun fair, the sound of the music playing, not like it used to be when I was a kid with the sound of Jerry Lee Lewis belting great balls of fire or my favourite the Ventures ‘Rocking Goose’, today I caught an oldie from the Bee Gees as I rode through the funfair, of course I had to stop at my favourite food stall and sample for the first time this year a portion of Mushy peas and mince sauce, yummy. The smell of food the music and the sound of the Rockin Roller coaster cars being cranked up to the top of the ride are magical to me.  http://www.pleasurebeachskegness.com/

I have a feeling that this year will be a very good year for the tourist side of Skegness which is the life blood of the town, of course it won’t please all, nothing gets my back up more than when I hear a resident saying that it will be good when they all go back home and we can have our town back, to those few I say, bad news folks its gonna be busier than ever this year, all the shops will be full, buses will be packed and traffic will be slow and my advice for you is move to the country while you have the chance. I make no secret of the fact that I love Skegness for what it is a coastal holiday resort.
Sorry if I have no sympathy with those who love to jet off to the sun to get there fix, but I believe we could be on the brink of a return to stay at home holidays that will  once again temp developers to bring some cash to the town and encourage a new boom period for our much loved seaside resorts  

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  1. WOW, you describe your town so well, I felt as if I was there with you, great post thank you,