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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Having the right balance

Lovely sunny day today in Skegness and I was able to spend a couple of hours on Lagoon walk just watching the sea and listening to some music and letting my thoughts wonder. The sea and the tides are a mystery to me, I still can't really grasp how our tides are controlled by the moon thousands of miles above us in space and in the stillness I can’t understand how the earth is rotating so fast and yet we don't fall off its surface. I suppose that most of the time we are so busy we don't really think about it we just accept it. Our earth is very fragile we only have to look at what has happened recently in Japan to understand this and at times we have to be prepared for things to happen, just like in Japan where even though many lives were lost it could have been much worse if they hadn't of built many of their buildings with the capacity to withstand earthquakes and If they hadn't have built shelters for people to go to in the event of a tsunami. It is good for Japan that whilst many were concerned with its financial development and growth they did not ignore the preparation of safeguards to the physical affects of a catastrophic earthquake like we have just seen. Skegness as a town is just as fragile just like many other seaside towns along our coast, since the day that the railway came to the town thousands of people have been drawn here year after year. Skegness has suffered like many other resorts over the last 20 years due to the advent of the cheap package holidays abroad but I believe we are now on the threshold of a new dawn of prosperity, but there is a danger to heed. What draws people to the coast? Some amongst us would say it’s the attractions along the foreshore, the Funfair, the bright lights, the arcades and bingo a chance to have a bit of fun and a laugh away from work and the worries of home. Others are drawn here by the sea and the sand and a bit of a time to have a bit of piece and quiet. Both are just as important, without the sea and sand how many would stop coming and without the prosperity that our attractions give the town that would pay to keep our sand nice and clean and so it is very important that we care for each area in equal amounts. I love every aspect of our town, the fun of the fair, the illuminations and neon lights, the shows and the bars and nightlife. But people of my age don’t spend much time in the arcades or on going on the fun fair rides so it could be said that there is not so much profit in the older generation who just come to Skegness for the beach and the gardens and doze on the seats along the prom or on the pier, But I think back to the time when I was 10 years old and my Grandparents brought me to Skegness on holiday and so started a love affair with the place that as lasted all these years. So it would be good for the Skegness Business fraternity to remember that the senior visitors of today hold the key to there future success because if they see a clean beach and a tidy resort they will return with younger family members who will guarantee success for many years ahead.

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