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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Party On The Pier

To Kick off British Tourism Week on March 12 Skegness pier along with other piers around our coast will be celebrating with a 'Party on The Pier. All of the Pier will be open from 9 am and there will be a full days programme of events. Skegness Silver Prize Band will be playing along with other musical groups, There will also be an Exhibition showing the history of the pier. I hope to be there with an exhibition showing the work of the Coastal Access for All group. All children will play free in the Bowling, Lazer Quest and Captain Kids play area. It promises to be a really fun day for all who attend.

The Pier has played a pivotal role in the success of Skegness right from its opening on 4th June 1881 up until this present day. In its early days it was over 1800 ft long with a theatre at the end and Steamboats took visitors on a trip to Hunstanton, over the years many disasters have reduced its length considerably but even so it has still kept its popularity with the people of the town and its visitors. Before we moved to Skegness no visit would have been complete until we had been to the Pier which usually included a game on the Arabian knights and a visit to the bowling ally.

It should be noted that whilst Skegness will be holding its Party on the Pier, Hastings will be holding a very special Party on the Prom. For Despite Hastings Pier being virtually destroyed in a fire last October the Community of Hastings and St Leonards on Sea are determined to see the pier rebuilt to its former glory. I’m watching very closely to what Hastings are hoping to achieve because I know there are many more like myself who dream of seeing Skegness pier restored to its former glory, so if Hastings can do it then why not Skegness also.

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