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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


There are many ways to save your memories. Creating you own blog or Website is perhaps the most popular form at the moment, but its not always simple and straightforward and requires some IT knowledge. Another much older method but just as satisfying is using a scrap book. Scrapbooking used to be very popular in the early part of the 20th Century. I have a scrap book that a brother of my grandmother who was born in 1905 and probably started making when he was perhaps only 6 years old. It contains postcards of King George V and Queen Mary at the time of their Coronation as well as cigarette cards and items cut from greetings cards of the time as well as lots ladies wearing some very elegant gowns of the time, it is something I’ve always treasured.
I started keeping scrapbooks in the 1970 of items from the Radio Times and ITV times, Football stars and news items. These are just simple books with items of interest cut out and pasted into them and they are always good to look back at. There are many commercial company’s offering items that can be used when making your own scrap books these days and scrapbooking has started be fashionable again.

If you want a very simple way of building up a selection of scrap books of the past may I recommend a set of books produced by Robert Opie   http://www.robertopiecollection.com/Application/Products/Opie/books1GB.asp   There are around 12 of these scrap books available of which I have 6 and are very reasonably priced at £12.95. They are excellently illustrated and you will be amazed at how much of the way we lived is covered in these books. It ranges from the interior designs of our homes to food and drinks available at the time, what we watched in films and TV to the type of magazines and comics we read and the many cars that were around to what made the news and who were the celebrities of the day. Each book will cover a time period in the last century. They make excellent reference books and an ideal way to show the grandchildren how you used to live

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