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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Temporary Tech Problems Close beach Hut, But Now I'm Back

On Monday a file on my Windows Vistra was corrupted and consequently stopped me from starting windows, unfortunately my Windows disc that came with my PC doesn’t have a repair function; it will only allow me to re install windows. So until a remedy could be found and executed I was left without my window to the World Wide Web. It is often said that we only really appreciate something once we have lost it and this is so true, like many people I rely on my PC so much, It’s a means to receiving information through email, I use it to request repeat prescriptions from my doctors, I check what’s happening around me on forums and social networking sites, it literarily is my window to the world.

I have been asked many times what practical use is there with these various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, some call them a time wasting exercise but I have recently read of examples of there use that have shown just how much good they can do. During the recent Japan earthquake disaster personal networking sites directed rescuers to sites where people were trapped, they help re-unite  people when phones were down and they helped in notifying people in flood areas where essential items like food and water could be found. In places like Libya where dictatorships have suppressed people for years and only release the news that they want people to see the Social networking sites have enabled the oppressed to be able comprehend how life in a democracy can be so much better and it has enabled people to talk to each other and prepare a plan for change. Only last week I read how the actor Stephen Fry was able to use twitter when he was trapped in a lift to get help. So it is quite clear to me that these forms of what can be classed as non essential distractions on our daily life are fast becoming essential tools in times of need.

I am so glad that I have the means once again of sharing my views from the beach hut because I have really missed it over the last few days. I have attached to my blog a statcouter which gives me information on how many people read the blog and where in the world they live, I was astonished that since I started the blog in the beginning of this month over 600 people have looked at it and not all of them are from Skegness. My blog has been viewed in America, Canada, Tunisia, Iran, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Russia. So I do hope I haven’t lost all of my readers whilst I’ve been away and I hope now to resume normal service once again from my sea front beach hut.

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