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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Time For Change - Daylight Savings Bill

In the early hours of the morning the clocks will go forward once more to give us the annual British Summer Time and then in 6 months time we will this time move the clocks back again. Apparently this practice was introduced during WW2 to help the war effort but like many other people I can’t understand why on earth we are still continuing the practice. Statistics show that more accidents happen during the late afternoon and evening, so why are we not increasing daylight hours in winter. In 1968-71 an experiment was carried out and the clocks were not changed for three years, statistics revealed that the was a considerable improvement to the accident rate, but complaints from industry and farmers and other workers like the Postal Service meant the experiment was dropped. With modern farming methods and the fact that the post is delivered much later now surely would mean that there wouldn't be as many objections The Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents has been campaigning for years to get the change implemented. Fuel consumption is another big concern, with rising fuel bills surely it makes more sense to increase daylight hours and not decrease them. This would have a most definite improvement especially to the elderly. Living in a town that relies on its tourists it make sense to have as many daylight hours as possible which is why I have been supporting the Daylight Savings Bill which is being debated in Parliament at the moment.

Recently I sent a prepared letter from the group supporting the debate to my local MP Mark Simmons I received an acknowledgement from his department that he had received the letter as well as another 147 similar letters from constituents on the same subject. Ten days ago I received a reply from Mark acknowledging the arguments for a change to the present practice but stating that there can be no change without agreement from all parts of the country especially Scotland, which made me laugh because normally parliament takes no heed of what Scotland does, in particularly I’m thinking of the no university fees and free prescriptions that the Scottish party favour and yet we in England have implemented. The rest of Europe does not have this out of date system of timing and I read that this Year even Russia are dropping the practice. Isn’t it about time for change? Please support the Daylight Savings Bill.



  1. Thanks for putting this family back on time, until I read this article we were all running an hour behind the rest of the country !