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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Western Movie

What has endeared us over the years to the Western Movie, was it the idea of man going unto the unknown, forging a trail through the new frontier or maybe the clear definition that this genre of movie portrayed of good and evil. I suppose it started in our father days when Buffalo Bill and his Wild west show toured the country to packed houses and recreated the Wagon train being attacked by Indians. In The 1950s when I was a boy the Western was in it’s Heyday our cinema’s showed continues westerns and us kids turned up every Saturday morning to watch Hopalong Cassiday  http://www.hopalong.com/home.asp and Roy Rogers with is horse trigger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkg2C_EIea0  riding the range. The first full length feature film I saw at the cinema was Davey Crockett and not long after I was to turn my Grandma’s fox stole into a Davey Crockett hat just like hundreds of other kids. One of the most popular Christmas toys of the day was to get either a Cowboy or Indian outfit. It seemed like nearly every kid I knew owned a replica colt pistol and we always saved our penny’s up to buy rolls of caps that generated a realistic bang when we fired our guns, strange that it was not sinister in those days to own a toy gun, because we all new they were just toys. Into the sixties and we were watching those great TV western Shows like the Lone Ranger and The Cisco Kid and Champion The Wonder horse and Wells Fargo. On the Cinema there were some great Western Movies with the all American Hero John Wayne leading the way with a string of hits, There was The Magnificent Severn,  Butch Cassiday And The Sundance Kid and the Wild Bunch, even the musicals were getting in on the act with Calamity Jayne, Paint Your Wagon and Oklahoma. The western was even to spill over into our pop culture of the day with Buddy holly singing That’ll Be the Day associated with the words of John Wayne in the film The Searchers and over in England one of our Liverpool groups the Searchers took their name from that same John Wayne film. Today I am still a great fan of the Western Movie and own quite a few on DVD. My all time favourite is John Wayne’s the Searchers because of its great locations, I Have a long list of John Wayne Films and perhaps another favourite is They Wore A Yellow Ribbon and The Alamo, all the Hollywood greats have starred in Westerns like James Stewart, Clarke Gable Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster, Clint Eastwood and who could forget Gary Cooper in High Noon. Today we can still enjoy some of those great Western Movies on TCM channel and on the Web we can still see clips from the great TV shows and relive the Themes. I’ll leave you with a few links to wonderful days of the Westerns

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  1. Some great movies were made in those day, they look very tame by today's standard, still as a boy i loved to watch them all and fight the baddies with my mates in the bomb sites of London.