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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Holidays

Easter is our first real holiday weekend of the year and here in Skegness the weather has been glorious, non of the rain that London experienced yesterday and none of the smog that other parts of the country have been experiencing. Easter means different things to people, to some it is an important religious festival and to others it is a time to giving gifts and enjoy eating chocolate and for many it’s a time to get away from it all and let your hair down after a hard winter. I believe this year is going to be a vital one for those who depend on the visitors for there livelihood. I believe that because of the cuts and the cost of fuel more people will be spending there holidays nearer to home this year and Skegness will be one of the places that will benefit by this, but it is up to the town, local businesses and those responsible for promoting tourism to how much we will benefit in future years because if the people are not won over by what they see they will go elsewhere. I have heard many times in passing conversations this Easter the comment that they haven't been to Skeggy for years and I hope they return home having enjoyed the visit. I have often heard jokes on the TV about the second prize in a raffle being a week in Skeg and 3rd prize being 2 weeks well I really hope that we can show everyone that we are better than that. There are new enterprises starting up in Skegness like the newly built Lucky Strike Building and it's good to see Grand Central opening this weekend and I wish them well, but we need much more to happen to bring us into the 21st century as a resort. It's good to have seen many of our attractions opening earlier this year and I hope the council takes note and decides to open the outdoor swimming pool much earlier than they have done in previous years. Our beaches were teeming with people this weekend but where were the lifeguards that are needed at times like this and with another busy Bank Holiday due next weekend they should be recruited and trained by now and not leave it until the main season starts. We have also a wonderful asset right in the centre of town called Tower Gardens so why isn’t it being utilised to its full potential, The entertainment has been cut once again this year whilst other resorts along our coast have band concerts all through the season and the pavilion that used to serve teas and ice creams still stands empty and in need of restoration. Many people are really making the effort I just hope our District council takes note and becomes one of them.

I have two special memories that relate to the Easter holidays and they both happened in the 1960s. There first of them took place in 1963, I was 16 at the time and was a member of a church youth club that every year hired a bus and took us into the peak district to enjoy a ramble. Whilst on the bus we enjoyed the radio and especially the pop programme called Saturday Club with Brian Mathews (who even now broadcasts on BBC2 each week on the Sounds of the Sixties). The Beatles were at the start of there popularity and Saturday club had put together a Beatles special with the Fab Four as they were called playing live in the studio. This was my first experience of hearing the lads and I was hooked and started my love of not only the Beatles sound but popular music in general that remains to this day. Saturday Club repeated these Easter Beatles Specials for a number of years which I was to enjoy with my friends on our days out in the Peak District. The second memory I have of the Easter Holidays happened a few yeas later in 1966 when I visited Skegness on the back of my mate Geoff’s Lambretta scooter. I was a mod at the time and wore my parker with pride; this was at the time of the much spoken of Mods and Rockers riots. We travelled to Skegness on a wintry Easter weekend and I must say we saw none of the trouble that is said to have blighted this period. I remember spending a very pleasant night in the Beach Comber bar on the Central Parade before following the crowd to find a sleeping place somewhere south of the town on the beach. When we arrived a small fire was underway but unfortunately it wasn’t to last long. I don’t think I have ever experience a more colder and uncomfortable night has I did on that Easter in Skegness and by the early hours of the morning we were all sitting outside of a cafĂ© waiting desperately for it to open so that we could get a warming mug of tea, it was certainly and experience I have not forgotten even until this day.

Whatever way you are spending this Easter, stay safe and enjoy yourselves…  

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