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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Never a dull moment

A typical weekend in Skegness, The newly re-opened Village at Church Farm Museum, around 50 motorcycles set of from Skegness on the Annual Easter Egg run to the children’s ward, a parade of veteran Cycles, a naming ceremony of the new inshore lifeboat gets interrupted by an emergency call out and Skegness gets a visit by an angel. Good weather all weekend enabled both visitors and residents to savour a few pre season treats and Sunday saw glorious wall to wall sunshine all day. The newly re-opened The village church Farm museum played hosts to the Knights of Skirbeck from nearby Boston. The Knights of Shirbeck medieval re enactment society offer a unique brand of Living History and Entertainment.  There was plenty to see with cooking and craft demonstrations and folks being thrown into the stocks and ever so often a battle would break out. Good to see a good turnout when I visited on Saturday and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I myself was took by the original LAPD Highway patrol vehicle on display in another part of the museum, although it was a 1990s model it reminded me of the splendid TV series in the 1950s called Highway Patrol starring Broderick Crawford, ( anyone else remember that)

Also on Saturday a naming ceremony to place at the Skegness Lifeboat Station for our new insure lifeboat, It was named Peterborough Beer festival IV in honour of the drinkers and supporters of the festival who over 4 a number of years had collected £37,000 enough to buy and pay for it’s first refit. The ceremony had just begun when a distress call from the coastguard was received after a man had been separated from his Jet ski and seemed to be having problems getting back to land. When they arrived at the in the area the man was already safely on dry land and the lifeboat was able to return to the Station and after a short delay the naming ceremony could continue. The RNLI relies very much on donations from the public and the volunteers who crew both of the Lifeboats at Skegness do a wonderful job.

Today at 11 pm a large collection of motorcyclists set off on the machines for the annual Easter egg run to the Children’s Ward of The Pilgrim’s hospital where they were due to handout a large collection of chocolate eggs and cuddly toys to the children there. This is an annual event and a they were waved off by the Skegness Lady Mayoress and a small crowd of well wishers, in complete contrast just over an hour later a convoy of veteran Cycles including Penny Farthings rode along the sea front on there way the The Village Church Farm Museum, what a wonderful spectacle they made as they travelled through the resort.

Finally on The hildreds square a crowd had gathered around one of these human statues that are becoming familiar this year in Skegness. This one took the form of an Angel. Not sure if they are a part of an organisation but I have seen two or three about and the costumes are spectacular.

So as you see there is never a dull moment in Skegness and perhaps that’s why the folks keep coming back for more.

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