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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The villade-Church farm Museum Re-opening

On April 15th the Church Farm Museum will be re-opened and re-launched as the Village. It was just under a year ago that it was announced as part of the cut backs that Lincolnshire County Council was reluctantly cutting the Funding to Church farm which would have meant its closer and the loss of all of its collection. But thanks to the forming of a private group of friends of Church Farm and other volunteers the Museum is in a position to re-open and run independently as a non profit making resource.

Why is the Museum so important to the town and its residents? The present day Skegness does not have a great deal of pre history. The Original village of Skegness is 3 miles out to sea after a dramatic storm in 1526 pushed the sea inland. The new settlement of Skegness took a considerable time to recover and Church Farm house (then known as Holly House was built in 1760 and was the second oldest dwelling in Skegness the first being St Clements Church built in the sixteenth century. Up until the 1870s Skegness was very much a farming community with its rich grazing soil and it wasn’t until the coming of the Railways that the town became a holiday resort.

 In 1974 the District Council bought the farm house and the County Council took over the running of it and in 1976 it was opened has the Church Farm Museum. Since then there have been a number of additions to the site such has The Withern thatched cottage and Havenhouse Barn that now acts as cafĂ© and exhibition area and a number of Kiosks donated to the museum which make it more like a village community with its own Village green, which is exactly why the area is now to be branded has The Village – church farm museum. The centre point of the museum will still be the farm house that is decorated and furnished in the style of the Victorians.

Friday April 15 sees the reopening and Saturday and Sunday 16 & 17 April  sees the visit of The Nights of Shriek. http://www.britevents.com/whats-on/lincolnshire/skegness/medieval-weekend/369299/

So if your in or around Skegness this weekend please go along and support the new venture because it’s with your support that will enable the town to hold on the this very important part of it’s history

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