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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beach Hut Time

May 21st is a marked day on my calendar because it is the start of the 2011 season for hiring Beach Huts along our coast from the council.

You may ask what is it with Beach Huts, why are they loved so much by the British; sure they are only a shed by the sea? You can’t sleep in them; they are only for day use. They don’t run on wheels like in Victorian times when you could wheel them down to the waters edge. So why do they fetch very high prices (over £100,000) in certain parts of the country and in Scarborough new Beach Huts have been selling for around £35,000?
We British have loved our beach huts ever since the Victorians invented them, There are thousands of these small huts dotted all around our coast line, some are situated just behind The busy beaches of our main resorts whilst others are hidden away in quiet coves, some are easily accessible whilst others can only be reached by winding cliff side walks. Thse who are lucky enough own thier own private Beach hut that can be enjoyed all through the summer others are owned by hotels and offer there guests a welcome facility and a large amount of the huts are owned by local authorities who rent them out either on a daily basis or weekly.
The advantages of having a beach hut are many, it gives you a base on the sea front that the whole family can use, and those that are happy to just lounge about can look after things whilst others can explore or just go off for a swim. Each Beach hut comes equipped usually with a power point and kettle, basic cutlery, plates and mugs and 4 deckchairs. So you have a constant sconce of making hot drinks and somewhere to store food. On the odd occasion that you experience a short sharp shower you have a means to shelter and if you feel the need to go off to find somewhere for lunch you have the choice to leave all of your bags and towels locked away instead of having to drag them around with you.

Our favourite Beach Huts along our stretch of the coast are at Mablethorpe adjacent to Queens Park. There you have the choice of relaxing on either the front or back of the BH, the front looks towards the sea and golden beach whilst the back looks over the superb facilities like Boating lake, crazy golf, bowling green, large Paddling pool and Miniature Railway (see photo on this page), Ideal position for when the family visit us. We really enjoy hiring the beach huts, I can relax with a good book, enjoy a cup of tea when I feel a thirst, and just watch everyone enjoying themselves, its not expensive to hire one, its around £20 a day or £60 a week, the week runs from Saturday to Friday and for a day you can book one from 10 am onwards.
Why doesn’t Skegness have many beach huts and in fact none on the sea front? For the answer to that question you have to go back to the 1960s, After the severe floods of 1953 Mablethorpe had to rebuild there sea front but it wasn’t till 1960 that funding was provided for the Sea Defence wall to be built in Skegness, with Skegness Urban district council paying out for a public walkway to be laid on top. When it was completed the council applied for permission to erect beach huts along the length of it, but because of keeping the cost low the promenade around Skegness was only half the widst of the same prom in Mablethorpe and the then River Authority denied the plan on the grounds that the prom was only just wide enough to allow access for their maintenance vehicles to use, this was a major set back at the town because it was hope that the development would allow them to recoup some of the expenditure of building the public walkway and for us it would have meant that proper maintenance of the walkways would have been assured. There is however a few beach huts behind the sand dunes beside the pier that can I believe be hire from £10 a day, but for us we would rather travel the 18 miles to use the wonderful facilities at Mablethorpe.

To hire a beach hut here is where you can do it

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  1. We had a beach hut in the late 60s, this was on the east Kent coast, one Sunday we set off for a days fishing based at the beach hut, only to find a few remains of broken wood where once our beach hut stood, apparently a storm a few nights before had swept 13 beach huts out to sea, ours included!!