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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Weather, a case of two halves

Like all traditional British seaside resorts Skegness is very reliant on the weather for both attracting visitors and secondly to keep them happy once they have arrived. Last week was Spring Bank holiday and one of those important weeks in our season. The Bank holiday weekend was a bit of a let down weather wise with the Bank Holiday Monday suffering the worse, later in the week the weather improved immensly but its very hard on the traders to make up for lost trade.  I was out and about on the Monday and even though the town was still busy it was not what you would hope for on a Bank Holiday. The problem is that there is so little to do for families if it is wet, exept shops and the arcades, but visitors only have limited funds to spend in these places and so folks get restless and tend to leave early.  

I believe in the foreseeable future more and more families will be holidaying at home, The days of the cheap packaging holidays abroad to the sun I believe are over for many and if the traditional seaside resorts want to capture these holiday makers then they will need to re invent themselves especially with the unreliable British weather in mind. I have been very impressed with how Butlins have repackaged themselves over the last two decades and one main key to there success has been the one stop Big Top venue. These Big Tops encompass under one roof retail outlets, resturants and fast food outlets and all the entertainment needed to keep the punters dry and happy on wet days.

I would very much like to see a similar attraction on our foreshore one of these days, consisting of a large open plan area with retail shops, places to eat and drink coffee and perhaps with access to a multi cinema and small theatre around the edges, but having the center of the venue as an exhibition area with seating in front of a stage that could put on all manner of variety and entertainment during the days and nights.

What is really needed now are the people with the vision and funds to bring this type of venue to Skegness and I really would like to see those involved in the promotion of tourism within our councils our councils putting all there efforts into attracting developers to the town who could provide something that will both attract and hold the attention of people in all weathers and all year round.

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