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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Blog is back

Now that the weather is distinctly turning, the visitors have gone home and the nights are drawing in I thought it was time to return to my virtual beach hut and continue with the blog I started early on in the year. When I started up the blog it was not with any hope of getting a big readership, it was just me putting down my thoughts in the hope that in a few generations time one of my ancestors might discover them and from these musings might be able understand something of my life. I’m fascinated by the past and have gone back as far as 1610 in my family when my ancestor escaped from France to start a new life over here in England (but that’s another story for another day). Today there are websites to help us track our family tree from birth to marriage and death, if we are lucky we may even discover what they did for a living. Unfortunately until now there as been no way we could discover what they were really like (unless they were really famous and someone had written their biography. You can then understand my surprise that once I had established the blog and added a plug in to show facts on who was reading it I was to  discover that as well as a few folks in Skegness it was being read by people in Australia, America, Israel, Greece and even Russia.

For those who are maybe reading the blog for the first time it’s not meant to be a serious one, I have no message to preach and I try to steer well clear of politics. Mainly it’s my experiences living in the popular English seaside resort of Skegness as I view life from what I call my sea front beach hut. Anyone who knows Skegness also knows that we don’t have any beach huts with sea views, we do have a few beach huts but these are hidden behind the sand dunes, at least from our kitchen window I can sea the sea. I will also in the blog share things from my past, memories of a life live through the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the sounds the sights and the people, I read a lot and listen to music and watch TV so I like to record all the things I’m enjoying, I especially like to pick up books of trivial facts that now and again I will share with my readers and I’m always trawling through the web in search of interesting pages. My big interest is history and I love discovering nostalgic websites about people and a way of life that is different from today.

So that’s it in a nutshell, just pull up a deck chair, make yourself comfy and I’ll rummage around the beach hut and see what I can discover.

What Kind of a year as it been here in Skegness so far you may ask. Weather wise it’s not been that special, we had a very good April with wall to wall sunshine and we have just had a mini heat wave over the first two days of October but in between in you could say it has not been anything special. We like to book a beach hut in Mablethorpe for a week when we know in advance that it looks like we are likely to get interrupted good weather but it didn’t materialise this year so we were only able to book the odd days. Apart from the weather this has probably been the most exciting year for us here in Skegness since we moved here permanently 13 years ago.

In March this year we moved into our present abode right on the sea front and we couldn’t be happier, we have found our sangria. Lots of exciting events have filled the calendar this year, in July Skegness staged the best of its SO Festivals so far with so many fun packed things to watch and enjoy over the three days. At the beginning of August we enjoyed a great day out leading up to the Illumination switch on which turned out to be a great success, followed shortly afterwards by our Carnival week. Much effort has put into the event calendar and the feedback from our visitors has mostly been very favourable. Just over a week ago we had one of the hottest weekends of the year and people flocked to the beach, folks were swimming in the sea (See Photo above) and you were able to enjoy sitting out in short sleeve shirts till after 10 pm, it was hard to believe it was the beginning of October.

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  1. Good to see you back again, the sun is still shinning so make the most of it!