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Friday, 14 October 2011

Our Weather

Over this year I have become more interested in the weather through watching programmes such as The Weather Show on TV. We take the weather for granted very much and yet it can have a very profound affect on our lives. We are blessed here in the UK because we have a very temperate climate, we rarely suffer the extremes of weather that other countries often face, and thankfully we don’t get the storms that can cause devastating tornadoes like they get in America. It is due to our climate that people from all around the World throughout history have migrated here due to our ideal farm land and rich minerals ready for the picking. Our climate is controlled by our northerly position and the flow of the Gulf Stream. Our position means that we have warm but not too hot summers and the Gulf Stream gives us mild winters. 

Skegness being positioned on the coast and the fact that at present tourism is our main industry means that dry warm summers are essential to our success. Located as we are centrally on the east coast of Britain gives us even more of a chance to prosper. The reason Skegness is situated on the dryer side of Britain can be explained by the movement of air around us. Airflow is caused by the rotation of the earth and every molecule of air contains moisture, when this air hits an object like a mountain it causes it to rise, the higher it goes up the colder the moister gets and the heavier it get causing it to drop as rain, this explains why areas like Wales and the Lake District have high levels of rain each year whilst Lincolnshire which is relatively flat as very low levels of rain. We have already said that the Gulf Stream that flows off our coast allows us to have very mild winters but we can’t take that for granted; if the flow was ever to be deflected away from us, then things could be very different. 

History reveals to us that we need to be constantly vigilant regarding our weather, we have all seen on the television the devastating effect a tsunami can have on an area and we all feel safe and secure with the knowledge that those kinds of events don’t happen in our part of the world, or do they? Around turn of the sixteenth century some kind of catastrophic event must have happened along our coast, because the area of Skegness around that time is now 40 miles out to sea, how much property or human life was washed away at this time we don’t know but the evidence of a vast forest stretching out on the sea bed confirms the known facts.

The weather plays a very important part of our lives and our future, we generally feel better in the warm of our summers, and gloomier in the depths of our winter, we need to be prepared as best we can for any winter storms especially if they coincide with high tides because we all know what that can bring, but at the same time we must never let fear keep us from moving forward. At the same time we cannot rule anything out such as climate change and I also believe we should harness nature more in the form of the wind and the sea. We need to get away from our dependency on fossil fuel not just because of climate change but also because it is getting to expensive, that is why it saddens me when every time someone brings forward plans to build more wind farms immediately there’s an action group that springs up to oppose it. They may be a blot on the landscape to some and I honestly believe these people who oppose them are doing it purely from a selfish motive because they fear it will bring the value down of their property. Sooner or later our councils have to stop this trend of blocking these appeals and allow what must be done if we wish to have any sort of a future for those that come after us.

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