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Saturday, 22 October 2011

There Goes That Song Again

I was listening to some Beatles songs on my IPod and my mind was taken back to the time I used to go to the record shop to buy there latest single and before I bought it I would step into a booth, put the headphones on and listen to it. There would be a whole line of these booths and they were all sound proofed so it looked strange from outside watching everyone jigging about and all you could here was the silence. It’s always been my greatest regret that I never saw the Beatles live even though I owned every album by them on vinyl right up to the White Album. The Beatles toured the UK between 1961 and 1966 there last gig was at Wembley. They gave up touring because the girls screaming were making it impossible for any one to here what they were playing. Just wondering if any of you the readers got to see the Beatles live? You can check where and when they toured herewww.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Beatles%27_live_performances#1963.

  A few years ago we went on a pilgrimage to Liverpool and we visited Mathew St and the mock Dungeon Club, (the original was pulled down years ago) we also took a trip round the sites Penny Lane and Strawberry field and ended up at the Beatles Museum on the docks, that was a great frill. I remember on a trip to London in the 1960s taking a stroll down Carnaby Street, that was where all the top fashion shops were in those days, where Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton and George Best could be seen, unfortunately none of them were around when I visited lol. It was the time of the Sgt Pepper Album and everyone was walking about in mock army uniforms.

I tried to see as many of the top pop stars of the day when they appeared in Nottingham, I got to see The Searchers, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Dusty Springfield, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich and PJ Proby (and yes he did split is trousers and the girls went wild). I remember going to see a Larry Parnes Tour once, Larry Parnes was a manager and introduced some of the top acts of the day and he often gave them new names to sound more cool, singers like Billy Fury, Marty Wilde and Johnny Gentle, Vince Eager and Dickie Pride lol. Larry Parnes tours were never small events, there were often up to 15 top billing rock and roll stars on the same night. On this particular show were: Marty Wilde, Joe Brown, Adam Faith, Susan Maughan, Shane Fenton (later to become Alvin Stardust) and a young Rolf Harris who was in the charts with ‘Sun Arise’, great show that was.

It is always great to visit places that are mentioned in songs. I couldn’t go to London without going to Waterloo Station and pondering over Waterloo Sunset a hit for the Kinks and we’ve been on a Ferry Cross the Mersey but I think the great thrill of them all was on a trip to Newcastle and whilst walking along the front at Whitley Bay and we came across an old locked up and sad looking sea front fairground and the name above the closed gate read ‘Spanish City’.  Spanish City was immortalised in the Dire Straits 1980 hit song ‘Tunnel of Love’ where they were remembering singing about this place that they used to go to when they were kids, It is said that the song was played every morning when the park was opened. Funny how something mentioned in a song can stop you dead in your tracks like that, I can here a song and it will take me right back to a time and place in my life. Like the Sandy Shaw Hit ‘Girl Don’t come’ That reminds me of the time I was waiting for a date that never showed up outside of the Nottingham Odium cinema, the song was No1 at the time and the coffee bar near college where every day I would play All alone am I on the Jukebox. I can recall a weeks holiday in Skegness and the Beatles No1 was ‘Help’, I used to play the record everyday on the jukebox in a coffee bar under the pier, funny though I can’t remember the name of the coffee bar lol. I expect we hall have songs that bring back memories of sad and happy times.

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