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Friday, 30 December 2011

A Beach Huts not just for Summer

I’m always amazed at how humanity can turn an object that has a fixed use into something completely different and at the same time bring joy and happiness to others. The object I’m referring to in this instance is a beach hut, something to which readers of this blog know is close to my heart. Beach huts are designed for use during the summer months as a retreat close to the sea shore to provide a changing facility, shelter from summer shower and storage place for all items needed when spending the day by the sea. Beach huts usually in this country play an active use from between May and September and at other times are locked up except for times of renovation. What possible use could a beach hut have during winter?

Well a group of beach hut owners in Hove next to Brighton have found a novel way to use there beach huts. Throughout the month of December they hold the Beach Hut Advent Calendar. Each night starting on December 1st between 6.30 and 7.30 pm they open one of the beach huts which is illuminated and shows a different scene from the nativity. One the opening night a choir will sing carols and on Christmas Eve everyone is invited to come dressed as their favourite nativity story character so that they can create a massive live nativity scene throughout the evening. When you arrive on for the first opening you are given a card and each night to attend an opening the card will be signed, the person attending the most openings will win a prize.

I have also discovered that Brighton is not the only place to have held a Beach Hut
Advent calendar Festival, Bridlington have also experimented with the Idea.

I think it’s great and hope that someone from Mablethorpe or Sutton on Sea might be encouraged to look into the idea closer.

The Link below has a short video that will give you some idea of how it works

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