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Monday, 5 December 2011

Nice Guys Do Finish Last

A recent study by Cornell University has found that nice guys come last when it comes to earnings and their careers, lol I could have told them that without any study being carried out. In a world of dog eat dog when the quickest way to get promotion is over the head of another workmate I can honestly say it has never been in my nature to push someone aside to improve my position. Ambition wise I guess I've been too nice to be considered for fast track promotion. I've always tried to see the best in people and respect their good points, I was never that keen on taking supervisory or management roles because I new I would have to change the way I was. Thankfully I no longer need to have to concern myself over these matters, my working days are over. On the downside I wish there was more money in the pot to enjoy doing things and going places now I'm retired, its never easy managing on a basic pension. But looking back I value the friends that we have and of all the times I've had to enjoy the coast and the countryside whilst others I knew were putting in the hours at work in the effort to further their career, Adventures I have had many, every time I open a new book I step into another exciting adventure. I'm loving the time I'm having now delving into the history of Skegness and Lincolnshire and am really getting a buzz doing this blog. I have lots of ideas for the future including old folklore tales of Lincolnshire and discovering all the lost airfields of the Second World War around Skegness. I may be one of life’s stragglers when it comes to careers and earnings but I'm still enjoying the race and I guess it's what your perception of winning and losing is that counts. I certainly don't see myself as a looser.

It was another article in today’s 'I' newspaper that saddened me. It stated that one in 3 children today does not have a single book of there own at home, in addition one in six adults in today’s world left school at 16 without being able to read fluently.  Now that is a sorry state of affairs. I consider the gift of reading to be the greatest gift anyone can be given. At the age of ten I remember really struggling with my reading but thankfully a kind school mistress gave me extra tuition and I've never looked back, once my reading had improved I craved for more and more books, most weekends I would be down in our local library and by the end of my teens I had read most of Charles Dickens classics besides books by Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Robert Lewis Stevenson’s, Treasure Island and many more. We tend to buy the children in our family books for Christmas presents and so I like to spend time in the bookshops going through some of the popular children’s stories out.

 I love the Gruffalo stories by Julia Donaldson and my Granddaughter is into the Rainbow Magic tales at the moment. I just hope I can pass on to these young people the happiness I have had from reading books

I'm thinking of getting an Electronic E-reader for this Christmas but at the moment I'm not sure whether to go for a Kobo touch or a Kimble. Whatever I decide it wont replace books it will just be an alternative and an opportunity to get some of those classic novels that I never got round to reading for FREE.

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