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Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 - My Hopes and Expectations

On this my first blog of 2012 I just want to share my hopes and expectations for the next 12 months. Above all I hope that before the end of the year we will see some signs of us getting out to the gloom we have endured over the last few years and we can see some hope especially for the youngsters looking for worthwhile employment.

I do believe that the London Olympics can herald a new future of optimism and for this reason my biggest hope is that the games will go through without any interruption or bother and that our young sporting hopefuls all do well.

I’m hoping for a good summer with plenty of sunshine, it’s the one thing that can guarantee that visitor to Skegness will keep rising. I have often heard business people say what is the point of attracting large numbers to the resort if they are not spending? My view is that as long as the visitors keep coming we have hope, but if they stop coming in large numbers then we have no hope. Whether they have money in there pockets to spend is irrelevant, we just need to keep attracting them with clean beaches and free entertainment and eventually once they begin to prosper then they will spend.

I also hope that someone with a little entrepreneurship and imagination can be encouraged to come and start the redevelopment of our foreshore, we here in Skegness badly need some new attractions and a new look about the place. It is clear to see from the many adverts on the TV that UK holiday destinations are going to be the thing in the future and if we hope to continue to get a large slice of this cake then we need to keep up with the rest, Blackpool has seen a massive investment in its sea front and attractions and we must do the same.

There are numerous things to look forward to this year in Skegness, to name just a few: The 2nd Party on the Pier, the Olympic torch being parade through on 27th of June, The SO festival on June 29th to 31st, The Illuminations switch on and Carnival week in August and the AMCA beach racing in November.

I'm pleased also to hear that much improvement is going to be made to our bowling greens and prizes to wow back the many bowlers who visit our shores to enter into the tournament weeks that are held each year. The bowlers play a vital role in the economy of the town and I am glad to see that it has been recognised.

On a personal note I’m really looking forward to the opening of Mablethorpes Beach huts in the month of May and I hope the weather will be kinder to us this year so as we are able to spend more weeks enjoying the facilities.

 I also hope to find interesting subjects to keep you the readers entertained and hopefully increase the numbers who visit the blog on a daily basis. So I shall be looking for more historical stories from Skegness and Lincolnshire’s past, including a look at some of the World War two airfields that are dotted about the county and some tales of folklore and mystery as well as covering some of the events that will be taking place in and about Skegness.

Once again this year I will endeavour to work with Coastal Access for all to ensure that our coastal walkways are accessible by all, wind born sand is the enemy of all who rely on the use of wheelchairs and Mobility scooters and I am hoping that with the help of the community and volunteers we can keep our coastal areas clear for the enjoyment of all.

Finally I hope to support our local library in any way I can this year, we have seen last year that our library service is under threat mainly by people that never use them and such do not appreciate the importance of the service the library brings to the community. I have over the last year joined a local history group and book club at our library and very much enjoy them. The library Service I believe will change dramatically over the next decade, with more people turning to the use of electronic books its inevitable that less emphasis will be placed on the lending of novels but hopefully in its place we will see more emphasis on group activities such as book readings, local history illustrated talks. Our libraries already house large collections of documents, photographs, newspapers, maps and other items related to the history of the area and items essential to our past lives. If we loose our library we also loose the availability to view these items and instead they will be stored away somewhere out of our reach. It is my belief that given time we will discover a whole new way of using our library service and until that day I will continue to support them.

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