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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Skegness Model Yacht Pond

The post card I recently purchased, the one shown on the right of this page brought back happy memories for me of childhood days. I’m not sure of the date when this photograph was taken but I would guess sometime in the 1930’s. The view of the model yacht pond I remember was much different than it looks here but it seems to be in the right place just before you entered the pleasure beach.

On arriving in Skegness on a weeks holiday there very first thing that happened as I remember it was to pay a call to Woolworths, besides buying the usual bucket and spade I was allowed one toy of my choice and I would always choose either a clock work motor launch or a small yacht. When I wasn’t on the beach I would spend my time happily sailing my boat on the model yacht pond right next to the Peter Pan railway.  There was always a small crowd of us youngsters with adults gathered around the pond and I would often see older men sitting and enjoying the pastime and perhaps dreaming of times gone by.

I often wish that the yacht pond could still be there, what a pleasant way of spending a few summer hours than to watch the boats sailing in the wind, other places still have them, I think of Bournemouth where I also spent childhood holidays, there is an excellent waterway come paddling pool in the gardens where children still sail there yachts and at Hove nr Brighton every Sunday morning member of a local model club would come down and sail there models on the pond and some very fine remote controlled boats there was amongst them.

But alas there is no profit to be made from a model yacht pond unless it is the type where you put money in a slot to steer the remote controlled boats around for a minute or too that is, so I doubt if we will ever see a model yacht pond back in Skegness in my time mores the pity. But I still have my memories. Happy days.


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  2. Thanks for sharing that information Carter. Only wish there was still a model Yacht pond in Skegness to view some these creations in action