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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mods and Rockers

It seems a long time ago, and when I come to think of it that’s exactly what it was. Forty six years ago I came to Skegness as a mod. That’s me sitting on the right of the photo (top right) with my mate Geoff. I suppose I joined the mod culture because of the music, Tamla Motown, The Who, Small Faces, Troggs and The Kinks. A mate of mine I used to hang around with had a Lambretta Scooter which was I suppose another good reason why I became a mod. It was soon after this that I acquired a parka jacket which at the time was one of the distinctive pieces of clothing that all mods wore, however my job didn’t pay enough for me to splash out on the trendy suits that mods wore when they were out on a Saturday Night. The smarter you looked the more you stood out, especially with the girls and the top guy symbolised by ‘Sting’ in the Film ‘Quadrophenia’ was know as the ‘Ace Face’. Your 60s Parka Jacket were cheap, warm, relatively water proof and great for riding scooters in a pre-helmet era as one could tie the fur hood right up around your face. Plus, no one else was wearing them on the street and that was important to the mods. I think I got mine from the Army and Navy store, as soon as I got home I stuck some fur around the hood and painted a red white and blue bulls eye motive with the words The who written through it onto the back of the jacket. Now I could be recognise when out with my mates has a mod.

Greases like Rock and Roll music, wore leather jackets (some with studs in the backs of them in the design of a skull. They rubbed lots of brylcream in their hair, which has well as there scruffy appearance because they were always taking there bikes to bits gave them the name of greasers. Rockers rode Motor Cycles which on the whole were fairly plain to look at compared with the Mods form of transport

 The Mods preferred scooters which were more cleaner, often painted with Union Jacks to their engine casings, had mirrors attached to the front bodywork and usually spoted a long aerial attached to the metal back rest with a piece of fur attached to the top of it. My mates scooter was a Lambretta, another popular make was a Vespa which as often been described as having a hair drier attached to one side, which was really the engine.

The particular Easter we came to Skegness was some time in the mid 60s, I rode as pillion passenger on the back of Geoff’s scooter and I remember as we rode along we would often sing the Troggs classic hit ‘Wild Thing’

We arrived in Skegness around lunch time and spent most of the afternoon just riding around. We saw the occasional groups of Rockers but we kept to ourselves and never saw any trouble. We spent most of the evening in the Beachcomber Bar which was situated then in the Grand parade Complex that burnt down a few years back. The bar was full of mods but there was no trouble throughout the night. After the bar closed we followed the crowd onto the beach somewhere in the south of town. Someone had started a small fire and we dug holes in the sand and tried to bed ourselves down for the night. As usual it was a very cold Easter and not many of us got any sleep and about 4 am we were all sitting outside of a sea front café waiting for it to open so that we could get a warming mug of tea.  I never saw any trouble the whole of the weekend, we came for a laugh but most of us left cold and just wanting some sleep and a warm bed.

Strange isn’t it but kids look at us today as if we don’t know what fun is about and as though there the ones that discovered how to rebel. Little do they know lol and I can remember that Easter Holiday as if it was yesterday.

Whether you were around at that period in history or not re-live the news of the day on these YouTube clips

How I remember those far off days, on the dance floor and not on the beaches scrapping.


  1. Oh my, what memories you have stirred in me, I was also a mod but I was a rocker as well, I had a foot in both camps, depending on what I wore. I remember the mod suites a shiny material with narrow cut trousers, I think I payed so much a week for mine, but I guess my allegiance was with the rockers as I had a number of motor bikes during that time, did not fancy the scooters, thanks again for stirring my memory banks again.

  2. ol Mike so was I. Had one mate with a Lambretta and another mate with a 500cc Velocette. One night I was out with my parka, another night I have on a cheap pvc two piece motorcycle suit. Pvc suit looked naff. glad my blogg brought back memories, I prefured the Parka lol. its a pleasure Mike as always

  3. The pleasure is all mine, love reading your blog, when i remember to look in, keep up the good work mate.