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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Music: Food For Our Soul

There’s a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, then surely the way to a man’s soul is through is ears.

Music is the food of our soul. Even if we're not composers there is always a song that reflects our feelings, thoughts, mood culture and traditions.
Music awakens our imagination making us fly in time bringing back memories from our childhood, youth, or important events that can make us smile, laugh, cry, sigh or even dance!

Notice any child, as soon as they learn to stand, even before they can walk instinctively they move and sway along with music. The love of music I believe is passed down through the generations. I have always loved Brass Bands but it is only in recent years through researching my family Tree that I have discovered my grandfather’s love and devotion to Brass Band music. He was a member of the Long Eaton Silver Prize band club and accompanied the band on many trips to the Albert Hall, London for the National Finals. My Grandparents even had a band member lodging with them during the WWII years.

I have my school days to thank also for my love of classical music, thanks to an enthusiastic teacher I first discovered how music can tell a story by listening to a piece of music by Sergei Prokofiev sometimes referred  to as ‘The Young Peoples Guide To The Orchestra’ but more commonly known as ‘Peter and the Wolf’. In the piece each instrument symbolises a character in the story. Follow the link to hear how this works.  http://www.philtulga.com/Peter.html.

Through my teenage years I learned to love many forms of music from Traditional folk to what was called the protest folk music of Bob Dylan before moving on to more popular forms of music like the Liverpool sound of the Beatles.

I have from my youth also been a lover of the musical theatre, there is something magical about adding a song to a story as anyone who has had the opportunity of viewing classics like Les Miserables or West Side story will tell you it just seems to enhance the emotions of the characters and story.

I also enjoy the swing era of the 1940s and the sound of the dance bands that originated during that period. There is something about the sound generated by a group of talented individuals coming together in harmony and combining to create what has sometimes been referred to as a wall of sound.

I recently had the great frill of being able to attend a concert by the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra who were performing in the Embassy Theatre in Skegness. This was for me the first time I had experienced live a concert in which a 61 piece orchestra had performed and it was wonderful. I can’t really explain it but it gave me a warm glow of well being and I couldn’t stop smiling all through the performance. It was truly a joyful experience.

There are many messages in music and for me the vision I got from the Helsingborg concert was that if only our world could run in harmony just like that 61 piece orchestra did, what a wonderful place it would be to live in. The orchestra contained many individually talented musicians but to create the sound that so many of us enjoyed it was necessary to work together as one. If only it was possible for everyone to work together as one for the benefit of the whole how wonderful that would be. But I guess that will never happen because we all get lost in our own needs and we are all in competition with each other, so it seems that only in music can we experience true harmony.

I feel sorry for those who are not emotionally moved by music for I feel they are missing out on so many things.

I can truthfully say in the words of John Miles “Music is my first love and it will be my last, music of the future and music of the past.

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